Monday, February 24, 2014

The Leprechaun's Moon

The Leprechaun's Moon 
      © D.M.Schreiber Feb. 2014 all rights reserved. 
Ever see a leprechaun's luck underneath the moon? Well tidy be sure that on the eve of St. Pat's eve, is where I did find this shenanigan's fate, lurkin' in the ships of town, the outskirts of the wee patch shams was he, jiggin' all around and lo and behold to my astonishing maze, I seen 'im trade up his twiddles (gold) as he leaned o'er shacks made of green heart patches and all for the luck of clove'. Top off his hat, sat I, I did a watchin' from bushel's rut, his hover, his dance was a whishtful cantor settin' his groupers a hummin' till I loaned my ear more snug and fit, I 'eard his shanties a come. Ah such a whistlin' pot was he, he was whilst the twilight flickered gold, he thunk them best as cabbage tunes, best plantin' notes worth sowed. Perhaps he was a mission bound where earth grew surer met. Whatever the goal accomplished here, we both were loner's yet, underneath the leprechaun's moon, I sat with me bones caught a shiverin' among the midnight boons and limbs outstretched and tin cans gone a trippin'. His view did glance o'er twice my way, the very astonishing thing I'd say was he yanked his knicks in the clover hay, the dalliant earth's foray? Or was that a potters tub or jellied gut, a fisherman's Irish stew, no be naught his delivery front was a boast for an outhouse loo! Backed up-fat or flab be fit or roasted goblin's mutton nor bloated like a rivers rat, a scratcher's twist (bed) gone huntin', All in all I'd say his gate was vigor, and stylish too went he bent straight up and adjusted his rump proceeding through and through. Admiringly sat I as I had sat and thunk this twain could hipper through the clover and ditty the fields and piddle his change merrily like no other. And who was I to mar this mate for he was just a toddle, a Captain's Luck's for legions lore, an Irish gentleman's follow.

Written by D.M. Schreiber 2-24-14

Friday, October 11, 2013

Wooly Worms

It's October 10th, where are the Woolies, those fuzzy lil bristly creatures that tell us what kind of winter it'll be. Since September, I have seen two, one from a car window in passing and one sadly diminishingly squashed however, they were both the exact same color: half brown, half black which means, yep, that Mother Nature will remain consistantly fickle, psychotically warm, brutally cold. But where are these cute cuddlies hiding? Anyone know? Did a wet spring wipe them out?  Incase you are like me and need your Wooly fix, this pics are for you!!!! TO THE WOOLIES!!! WOOLIES RULE!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Late Summer Fairs

Yes the Minnesota Great Get Together is over not despair if you have not had a good grief share of pronto pups and/or corn dogs  (Can anyone tell the difference?) Please feel free...anyway do not fret, there is still time. I highly recommend The Clay County Fair in Spencer, Iowa for an old fashioned "Carnival" experience, the greatest thing about this fair is you have elbow room. You will not loose your cheese curds to a boulder sized shoulder bag or two-legged stampede and there are plenty of animals to see.
Clay County Fair- Sept. 8th - Sept. 16. More info at  Claycountyfair or Spencer Iowa Fair.

Also the Minnesota Renaissance  "To be or Not to be" is ongoing throughout Sept. and Oct. weekends only located at Murphy's Landing in Shakopee, Minn.
a must see for anyone who likes big chicken legs and knights in shining, dented armor.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hummingbird Juice

I made up a vat of hummingbird juice, waited, and waited and then like beckoning nectar, I found not 1 but 6 at my feeder. Right now the prairie is prime for these snow birds who will start their journey south soon, can't say I blame them, better to venture now when the weather is balm. These sight-seeing au naturals are a therapeutic delight, so here's my secret recipe that I use instead of buying red dye.  

Basic Hummingbird Juice Recipe                
1 cup of water boiled the add 1/4 cup sugar stir and continue to boil until disolved. Let Cool add 2 to 3 icecubes then pour in the bottle and they will come.

I do predict a regular Fall schedule! Great for those of us caught in the moment or loving next season's change...till then enjoy and Godspeed!!

Nature's quirks- The Siskin is a small green/yellow European bird related to the goldfinch.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Dog Days of Autumn

A jaunt just inside the providence of Easton, Pop. 202 give or take.
The trees are trickling with leaves as summer has been arid and no that is not doo doo in the background and although we have no city ordinance please pick up after your pooch!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lil Miss Muffet

Lil Miss Muffet drawn in pen and ink
published in the CBIG Nursery Rhymes Book
(Children's Book Illustrators Guild of MN)